6 Carpet Cleaning Stains To Avoid

For any house one of the great additions is carpet as it provides comfort and warmth. Carpet helps to enhance the appearance of your house. Stain removal from carpet is one of the most complicated tasks as sometimes you will not get the perfect result. But it’s not impossible to remove the stains from the carpet. You can follow some best tricks and methods for this.

Here Are The 6 Carpet Cleaning Stains To Avoid And To Clean Your Carpet:-

Pet Stains

Sometimes due to the upset stomach of a pet, you may notice pet poop on the carpet. So you need to take quick action before the stain gets dry. Remove much of the mess with a paper towel and tissue or you can use a scoop. Avoid scrubbing the carpet as much as you can as scrubbing will spread the mess further. Clean the stained area with water and dishwashing liquid. After cleaning the solution use another solution of water and vinegar on the carpet. Once the solution sits on the carpet, dab it dry.


Sometimes you enjoy your coffee by sitting over the carpet and it slips over it. So take action as soon as possible to avoid the dirty stains. If you don’t take any action immediately then you get permanent yellowish-brown stains. With the help of a paper towel soap up the spill and avoid scrubbing the area. Spray the white vinegar or a non-bleach detergent over the area. After some time, blot it up and sprinkle the area with baking soda. You can leave baking soda on the carpet overnight and vacuum it up in the morning.


If you get blood stains on the carpet then immediately spray some cold water on the stains. Avoid using warm or hot water on your carpet. Solution of cold water and dish detergent work in a better way to avoid the stain.


Sometimes pen ink leaks over the carpet and without carpet cleaning services it becomes difficult to remove the stains from the carpet. In case of ink, or stains, pour rubbing alcohol on the spot or you can use a hair spray or fingernail polish. Let the solution on the stain for one hour and dab the stain up. 

Red Wine

You need to act quickly if you drop red wine on the carpet. Pour a bottle of tonic water onto the carpet as the bubble helps to break the stain. Until the carpet is dry dab tonic water and spread vinegar and water solution. After that, sprinkle baking soda on the stain and wait for some time. In the last vacuum, it is a way to remove stains.


Chocolate stains are so easy to clean, you need chocolate with ice cubes to freeze. Scrap the chocolate away when chocolate has hardened. Spray the solution of water and dishwashing liquid and wait for a few seconds and dab it away. 


If you are unable to clean the stains with these stain removal tips then hire professional carpet cleaning companies with proper tools. They follow the best cleaning method.